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Advertiser and Agency Survey 2022

We’re pleased to share with you the results of 2022’s advertiser and agency state of the industry report.


Supported by eight affiliate and partner marketing businesses, this year’s report surveyed 137 people representing a range of companies from small businesses to large enterprises, drawn from across four main sectors.


All the major findings are contained in the downloadable content, but highlights include:


  • Almost half of all advertisers and agencies plan to spend more on affiliate and partner marketing relative to other paid channels in the next 12 months

  • Affiliate marketing accounts for more than 10% of all sales revenue for two-thirds of advertisers and agencies

  • 46% of respondents believe there are more affiliate and partner marketing opportunities than there were a year ago

  • Return on investment, Sales’ volume and Profitability are the three highest rated attributes for the channel

  • 68% of respondents think the affiliate and partner marketing channel will be important in helping to deliver their marketing goals in light of the current cost of living crisis


The slides are an extended version of the content delivered at a PI Live presentation in London on October 18th 2022.

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